1. Introduction about CPDS and The Background of Global Poverty Eradication Success Dr. Shamsulbahriah Ku Ahmad,
Centre for Poverty and Development Studies (CPDS), UM
2. Poverty Eradication in Malaysia Dr. Kenneth Simler
Senior Economist,
Poverty & Equity Global Practice, The World Bank
3. Making Inequality Visible: Inclusiveness, Social Integration and Economic Opportunities for All Mr. Abdul Halim B. Abdul Aziz
Deputy Director (Inclusive Development),
Distribution Section, Economic Planning Unit
4. Malaysia’s Public Policy Journey: From Poverty to a Developed Nation Professor Datuk Dr. Norma Mansor,
Social Security Research Centre (SSRC), UM
5. Human Security and Freedom: Democracy and Participation in Socio-economic Development Professor Dato’ Dr. Rashila Ramli
Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), UKM
6. Freedom from Want and Hunger: Poverty and Redistribution Mechanism Downwards to the B40 Dr. Asmak Ab Rahman
Department of Syariah and Economics,
Academy of Islamic Studies, UM
7. Human Insecurity and The Poor: Climate Change and Natural Disasters Associate Professor Dr. Fatimah Kari
Department of Economics,
Faculty of Economics and Administration, UM
8. Political Economy of a Developed Nation: The Landscape for Malaysia Professor Dr. Edmund Terence
Department of Administrative Studies and Politics,
Faculty of Economics and Administration, UM