Research Pillar 10: Culture & Development

To understand the role of culture and development in line with the inter-disciplinary nature of development studies by:

1. Emphasizing the need to go beyond economics and to bring together disciplines such as sociology, anthropology and social studies among other, to enable a comprehensive understanding of how social and cultural norms play a role in influencing development outcomes.

2. Bridging the inter-disciplinary gap, as it is crucial for enabling the forces of inclusive growth, social justice, political cohesion and stability of nation states to pursue development goals. This would imply the necessity to recognise the impact of cultural and religious divisions, for example, as necessary building blocks towards a holistic development approach as expressed through:

Culture and social norms, ethnic relations, gender divisions for instance and to search for modalities and framework to achieve unity despite diversity that would enable creative policy solutions to ensure inclusion and limit exclusion in the path to development.